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Fantastic authentic home cooked food!

Reviewed 9 August 2014 via mobile

I have a weakness for African food and have always been disheartened as there is no takeaway/ restaurants available in the west of edinburgh.. However after much debate I decided to drive to 15mins to try this little gem and was not disappointed! The African curry is fabulous along with my favourite puff puff and plantain :) will be returning…

My go-to option when I don’t feel like cooking!

Reviewed 2 July 2014

This lovely wee place is just down the road from me and has very student-friendly prices (and discount), so it’s become a standard for me on nights when I don’t feel like cooking. I’ve never been disappointed with the food, and the staff are friendly and obviously know their stuff. I’ve never been to either Africa or the Caribbean, so I can’t comment on how the food compares to “the real thing”, but it’s certainly good in its own right. Try the chicken doro-wat!

Excellant value

Reviewed 6 June 2014

Since moving to Edinburgh last year we have really struggled to find a half decent take away – everything at best has been bland at worst – food poisoning. This has been remedied however by the discovery of Spoilt for choice – excellant food. Be warned though this is hearty fare so make sure you are hungry. The food is on the rustic side with a home cooked authentic feel – this means brown crab meat in the spring rolls and lots of little bones in the barbados satay ribs – but i view this as a good thing in comparrison to the generic stuff that is usually on offer, this is real food. The King prawn in Jamaican rum sauce and Beef African curry were delicious firey and rich with lots of slow cooked onions – yum! You can pick the desired heat strength of your curry if you want and they come with free rice. Dodo (fried plantain) is a must with the sweetness counteracting the heat perfectly. Our order was a little slow in arriving, about 1hr 15 min but service was very friendly and polite and the food was so worth waiting for we didn’t mind – we will just build this in as a factor next time we order

Something different & very tasty

Reviewed 24 May 2014

This place has been on my radar for quite sometime but have been a bit reluctant to order anything incase it didn’t live up to expectations. We finally got around to ordering a takeaway this week and wish we had tried it sooner, the curries we ordered were both delicious.

We phoned in the order and then went to collect it, the staff were polite and friendly.

As we are unfamiliar with many of the dishes we just choose the two at the top of the list!: the doro wat and yassa and choose medium spice, both came with plain rice. Both were sweet tasting curries but also had an acceptable spiciness to them (i cant handle hot curries). The chicken was a little dry but we were able to overlook that as the sauces were so good.

We also ordered a side of dodo – fried plaintain – as it was something different. I really enjoyed it along with curry, it took the spice away a little, but my partner wasn’t too sure about them.

The price was very reasonable at £5.99 for the curry and rice.

It was nice to try something different, i intend to return and slowly work my way through the menu!

A truly unique experience

Reviewed 19 March 2014

Visited spoilt for choice with my wife on 18/03 as she had noticed it was a new addition to TasteCard. On arrival, realised that it was more a take away than a restaurant as there was only four small tables. Service was excellent and the food was even better – I had a spicy beef dish to start which was tasty and my wife enjoyed an African interpretation of spare ribs, mains were excellent too – I had the chicken yassa (recommended). Portions were so large we had to take our desserts home!

Really enjoyed the food and the whole dining experience, even though this place is very cosy, the waiter made is feel comfortable. Excellent value for money – 2 x 3 courses and bottle of juice under £30!

We will return.

Great food at a very reasonable price

Reviewed 16 January 2014

I visited this restaurant / takeaway on Monday with a relative. We ordered a takeaway as the sit in dining experience was rather cosy let’s say. but don’t let that put you off.
The food is both exotic and delicious. I particularly recommend the spinach dish one of the best I’ve ever tasted. I will definitely be going back to sample some of the other dishes.

The service was great too, the chap who took the order was friendly and the chef who made the meal came out to give it to us.

I’ve not tried any other African cuisine to compare it to, but you know when you’re eating a great meal!

Very good and not the usual

Reviewed 1 February 2014

I ordered jerk chicken which was very nice, and a welcome change from the regular takeaway food. The last time i had jamaica jerk was with jamaican friends years ago and this was almost as good! It is well priced, and since the order took a little bit longer to cook than expected, i was treated to a nice snack while i was waiting at the restaurant. I highly recommend!